Burn, Gypsy, Burn

April 28, 2009
Bound in chains
Tied to a pole
Straw at your feet
Burns to your soul
Burn, Gypsy, burn
Reading tarot
Card to all
Peering in
Your crystal ball
Burn, Gypsy, burn

See the flames
Inhale the smoke
The whole town watches
As you choke
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Walk the streets with
Downcast eyes
Never knew where
You belonged in life
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Your silken rags
Fit like gloves
Coins earned dancing
Spent for love
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Suffer now
Pay your due
For being different
Life is cruel
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Tried for witchcraft
Done no wrong
Only pass'd thru
Where you don't belong
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Doing your best
With what you have
Travel in a horse-drawn
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Dream of a new life
Every day
Thought that you
Could get away
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Look meek and evil
But that's not you
Crimes were just what
You had to do
Burn, Gypsy, burn

Brave fire tho
Scared as can be
Wait, are you that diff'rent?
You sound just like me
Burn, Gypsy. Burn.

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IamtheStargirl said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 5:35 pm
Wow, this is amazing. I really like the end, and I can't believe the mag didn't publish this.
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