Heartless MAG

April 28, 2009
By DejaVega BRONZE, Plainville, Kansas
DejaVega BRONZE, Plainville, Kansas
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"Yes sir!" "Don't call me sir." "Yes ma'am!"

sucker-punch me
and isolation
takes away my air
My facade
is desperately blank
a mirror
reflecting the hurt away
A well-placed rock
shatters my defenses
and darkness
rushes in
Frozen shards
pour through my veins
and my arms
fold to ease the pain
leaves my chest
and my lungs
fight for air
The mask
somehow still present
as the words
swirl in my mind
their voices
screaming “Why?”
My demeanor
is defiantly calm
a shell
hiding my agony
they call me
but their eyes
see the outside
and nothing more

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