The Creature

April 28, 2009
Deep within a town
Nestled far from this world’s eye
Lies a cage with rusted bars
Where a creature is known to cry

It shifts in its prison
Unable to run
Forced to endure the cold rain
And burned by an unforgiving sun

The townsfolk do see it
And some can’t help but feel pity
But they leave it where it is
For what might it do once free?

They tried to tame it once
To change its wild heart
And for a time that was short
It was able to play a safe part

But a black fox had come along
And led the creature outside
And showed it what she called “freedom”
And said not to stay inside

So it tried to perform this task
It tried to be free
But the townsfolk were frightened
Of what they did see

Their creature was not tame
It did not listen to their laws
It voiced its anger
It showed them its claws

So they trapped the creature
And bound it up tight
And threw it in a cage
Where it sat, day and night

But now it paces
And they keep well away
For fear of being hurt
Or what it might say

They try their best to ignore it
To pretend it isn’t there
But the bars have starting bending
Thanks to the teeth it now bares

Someday it will escape
Someday it will be gone
Someday they will regret
The deed that was done

But for now the creature cries
For now the creature waits
For in its heart it knows
Freedom will come, someday

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