Wold The World Really Change?

April 28, 2009
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What if what we see is not what is supposed to be?
What if the pimples were in, and the dimples were out?
What if the gross, greasy hair was beautiful?
What if the clean, curled hair was gross?
What if the "popular" people were "nerds"?
Just because everyone looks different?
Do we really know that if we changed the standards in our society that things would be better?
Would the world have more money, more time, more sleep, less worry, all because we changed the way we were?
Would there be the same kind of jobs or even less than now?
Because if everyone didn't care, what would be the point of a plastic surgeon or a cosmetologist?
We may never know because people are to set in their ways to want the change.
So there is no worry, or is there?

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