A slice of Silence

April 28, 2009
By noeldog BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
noeldog BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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Phones hum,
Computer keys tap. An order has begun.
It prints with a hundred soft clicks.
The slip is torn and hung.
The workplace is alive again.

The grinding of the pizza roller,
The pattering of flour sprinkled on the dough,
The swoosh of dough being swiftly flattened.
Onions and mushrooms simmer in sizzling oil.
Spaghetti spits in hot water.

Freshly rolled dough is cut to shape around a metal lid.
Sauce splatters on dough, waiting to be spread.
Sprinkling cheese, tossing pepperoni, sifting oregano,
A new creation ready to crisp.

Wood on metal, the pizza slides into the oven.
The dough blaackens,
Ingredients crackle and rise.
The pizza is removed, cut with six slashes.
The package closes, cardboard scratching and intertwining.
Markers squeak as labels are made.
Feet shuffle by en route to deliver.

We wait in silence to begin again

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