This is why I dance

April 28, 2009
By Julia Czupryn BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Julia Czupryn BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Why do you dance?
It’s for that feeling where you’re on stage and you can step outside of yourself
Where everything can feel completely perfect even if inside everything’s falling apart.
It’s a sanctuary where only you have to power to control the movement,
The interpretation,
The expression.
It’s living for the sweat dripping down your face
While your feet burn and glide across the floor
Creating blisters and blood and pain
But you don’t feel any of it
All you feel is the heat of the lights on your skin
And becoming one with the music.
You don’t feel yourself breathing so heavy
Struggling for air
Surrendering everything to the movement.
It’s about being pulled in different directions
Feeling your leg elongating to the left, twisting your body to the right,
While you lift from your lower back
Having the invisible string pull you from your head all the way to the ceiling.
You move, making every impossible step seem completely effortless
Like elevating your leg so that it creates a 180 degree line with the leg you’re standing on
Then bringing it down
It’s giving a little bit of you’re soul to the audience when you perform
Allowing them to feel your energy penetrating into their heart and their mind.
It’s feeling larger then life
Like living on top of the world, cloud nine.
Dancing is a sense of comfort
It’s the reason I breathe and without it life would be
I am a dancer and I can’t live without the feeling
And because of this
This is why I dance.

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