Smiles and Waves

April 27, 2009
By Erin Fabiano BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Erin Fabiano BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Smiles and waves, how wonderful.
Bright eyes and warm hearts

Brimming with good intentions.
All to please and all to serve.


All to lie- all to gain.

All for reciprocated return.
Charity and love- dust those words off.
Too long have they sat undisturbed in the library of

Honest intentions.

Find me a person who honestly cares-

Cares about the world and treats others fair.

The eyes of their motivation aren’t glued to the crystalinne mirrored reflection.
Rather the light of sweet life which they posses is reflected outward to brighten others.
Standing as a beacon of hope in times when charity and love sit

When this person is found- uncovered from the refuse of insincerity- the world will be reborn.
Smiles and waves will fill our souls with wonder,
And bright eyes and warm hearts will be everywhere.

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