Never remembered, never existed

April 27, 2009
By Sean Marren BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Sean Marren BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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All of them, they all think I’m dead
I know better but I’ll use my memory instead
Here in the sanctuary I recall my first car
And the war and the bar and the star that guided me home from war
All of this is crystal and true
I’m sure of it just as my hair was black and my eyes were blue

None of them, they never come and visit my grave
Still all of these memories I have no choice but to save
My first days of school are slipping away
I might have very well started on the second day
And the sun is crucial as I stare into it with my ghostly eyes
It helps in recalling my childhood skies

But where there is sky, below there is Earth
And where there is Earth, life is found growing
And where there is life growing, death is found completing
And death can only complete if the dead remember
Help me, I can’t find the memories of my death
So it follows that my life, Earth, and sky slip away too

As time passes I find solace in my face
My lips, jaw, cheeks, brow, and snout all in their familiar place
This sturdy image anchors all physical traits
Yes, its going to be a very long time before my soul takes the bait
It will spend more time in this cemetery, surely that has been seen
Just as sure as my hair was brown and my eyes were green

The author's comments:
The main idea in this poem is derived from an idea in Peter S. Beagle's "A Fine and Private Place" even thought the poetry is completely original

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