Solar System

April 27, 2009
By Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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What if you were riding the surf up a mountain propelled by a reverse avalanche?
You smile to the sun as he rays down upon you, stuck in his proportional trance.

The glimpse of gloomy stars and planetary rings keep you in line with yourself
Hoping the rockets shoot to the moon, gives the merchants the meaning of wealth

And floating around on your marshmellow mattress, you whistle your favorite wind chime

It’s dark up here in the suns orange shine

The world seems so small and so lonely inside
why don’t we all go for a dive?

Think of the intelligence and suffered ignorance
Like drowning the hope for our freedom
There’s needs and there’s wants but there’s nothing to flaunt
But chuckles and laughs at a glance

Dive down deep inside there’s places to hide, in a crawl space under the sea
You might solve a riddle or sell souls for a fiddle but that’s just a story to me

There’s not much more but the ocean floor and tiny spaces to creep
So emerge from the floor and come melt in the sand as you immaculate the deep

The hot grainy sand may be all Earth’s got but the universe listens to me.

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