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April 27, 2009
By Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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Sometimes I wish I could control this circus of a mind that controls me
The places imagination takes me for a ride all around these ageless times
I never thought I could control it with the people that know I’m out free
This ordinary reckoning confuses me with these frightening binds
It glitters down low to the people that raise their heads above the rest
The real truth is they’re not in their right heads to be understanding my potentiality
It smarts to know how they look down upon us to think their the best.
This endless void of words they talk just builds up their lack of responsibility
It hurts to know that people will sink as low as to judge me
Like an animal in a cage rattling through the faces of pain
Constantly changing on the inside but never showing a trace
Little girls smile in lonely worlds cutting against the grain
They walk through the institutions in their happy place
It doesn’t happen by chance that they turn my smile upside down
Their confidence is just low so they dump it where they can
People equal spit was a song I heard from a rock band in my town
This was supposed to be a happy poem, but now I guess you understand

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