Dead things live; Broken things whole; Old things new

April 27, 2009
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God come down and take me from this bachstabbing world.
So you can start a new one.

Were running barefoot in the grass
and step on a bee that stings our caliced heels.
Weve been running for, oh, so long.
I can barely remember when we started.

Come now every child.
Come and see the one who can make.
Dead things live.
Broken things whole.
Old things new.

Why does grace and peace whither away.
Why cant we converse all day.
Outwardly, we continue to waste away.
But inwardly, we can be renewed day by day.

We long to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling.
I'd love to escape earthly things.
But we are tied down on pins and needles.
O God! It Stings!

Our bold heads above the contentious waves.
Pride flowing through our un-humble minds.
If need be,
let the unsung seas carry me out.
Let me drown!
So your saving hand can grasp my arm and pull me to safety.
Let me drown!
So I can finally live.

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