Part of My Childhood town

April 27, 2009
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I walk through this town looking around,
Searching for a place I have not yet found,
Our once magical tree house is down on the ground,
Rotting away day after day,
There are no children outside to play,
They stay inside looking through their windows day after day,
Wishing the rain to just go away,
I remember doing the same when I was so young,
Staying inside listening to my mom sing,
The rain never ceased,
No matter how hard our eyebrows creased,
We stuck our noses in the air,
Thinking this life was'nt fair,
Pulling out our hair,
We really wanted fresher air,
Now the sky is clear,
I look and smile up at the sun and watch as someone comes near,
Their face is ashen and grey,
Their face as smooth as clay,
To my disappointment he just passed me and briskly walked away,
People were once so very friendly here,
Especially when the holidays came near,
My mother said come here child and listen closely,
And you will hear the sleigh bells clearly,
Now go to bed and make happy dreams in your head that you will not dread,
I finally find my street I once lived on,
I look down the road searching for my house,
Instead my heart sinks,
The street is more quiet than a mouse,
What was once such a beautiful town,
Is now run down,
Right down into the ground,
I walk away,
Thinking I will come back some other day,
To watch the children play,
I will not want to go,
As I watch the children's faces glow,
For all eternity,
I will search for that tree
That holds the grave of me.

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