April 27, 2009
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All alone in her room
She is deafened by the siliences
she's got cuts on her arms
and bags under her eyes

She hasn't been doing well
she hears loud fighting
but that's no surprise
she hears it constantly at home

She has no escape
no way out
so here she sits
all alone in her room

She tries to ignore,
she can't block out
so she is left to resort to
bare arms and sharpe blades

They don't notice
no one seems to care
she's burning bridges
with everyone who cared

by not returning emails
phone calls or texts
so isolateds herself,
from everyone around

All alone in her room
she is beaten by the stress
she's losing her mind
but no one seems to care.

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Rhea D. Ravenfinger said...
May 15, 2009 at 2:51 pm
This is such a sad poem. Very good though. I hope the girl gets out of her depression and goes with her friends' caringness for her.
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