And Then Time Paused For Us

April 27, 2009
I can’t breathe
Can you?
We’re not frozen,
We can move,
But everything around us has stopped.

Did you notice that?
Because I did.
The wind stopped blowing,
Everyone stopped speaking,
And it feels like it’s only us.

I see your reaction is similar to mine
Confused, amazed, but somewhat pleasantly surprised.
We haven’t tried to move yet-
Is it safe?
We’re holding each other close
And I like it this way.

You hesitate a little bit,
And so do I.
Is this normal?
Is everything alright?
Are we in heaven?
Did we die?
It feels like time has stopped-
What is going on?

I take a breath,
And so do you.
This condition probably won’t last long,
So maybe we should take advantage.

You smile
And I smile back.
You lean in and kiss me
And it feels so amazing.

Whatever people call it,
It’s happening to both of us as our lips are united.

It feels like forever
When we are kissing.
You hold me tight
And I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be
Than here in your arms.

When our lips part,
The feeling is over.
Everything’s moving again,
The world has been reactivated.

You look at me,
I look at you.
“Woah,” I say.
“That was amazing.”
“I think I know what that was,” you say.
“I think we just had a moment.”

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