2 words

April 27, 2009
your best friend
that girl in front of you in math
that realy nice guy with good taste in clothes
that teacher with the to die for looks
the kid that disrupts the class
i could be anyone
i could be anywhere
you dont know
untill i tell you
so how can you tell me anything and trust me one second
and 30 seconds later after
"im bisexual"
comes out of my mouth
you look the other way
and never say another word to me
how come 2 words can change eveything we had
Best friends untill now
huh! and i thought i could tell you anything and you of all people wouldnt judge me huh!
guess i was wrong!

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trblue said...
Nov. 28, 2010 at 1:06 pm
it's a powerful storie that need more to it. you guys trusted each other make it longer and soulful.
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