you lied

April 27, 2009
You lied
I cried
You said that you really cared
Then you said you didn’t
Make up your mind
Do you care or not?
You lied
I cried
It doesn’t matter anymore
I want you gone
I don’t want to be
Held down by your lies
I know I said
I would always want you
But I hate being lied to
So now I just want you
Out of my life
Im threw with you
Just go away and let me be
You lied
I cried
How could you be so vile
As to betray a friend like that?
How could you lie to me
The one you loved
The one who cared for you?
You lied
I cried
I took you in to my home
I gave you my food
I gave you my heart
I gave you my life
And you took it all
With out thinking
Of what it would do to me
You lied
I cried

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