The Past Left Behind

April 27, 2009
By Peter Tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Peter Tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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As the days continue, the past is another day behind
Everything is now a memory back in time
Those days where the childhood moments
Are what creates such a tight friendship
Where anyplace was a possibility where we could have went
It is highly possible it could have been on a college campus
Or even right the outside of a newly built dorm
The favorite hangout place where new ideas form
The place where homework is suppose to be done
But it turns out to be one of them guy discussions
Whether it was random or not, it was still fun
Because not only did we talk, but there were some insane things
Where the only skinny person would be stupid enough to
Be climbing and even jumping off any building he possibly can
And being called a “ninja” by everyone right after
And everyone is always filled with laughter
As the Asian nerd makes funny jokes about anything
But it’s always the Chinese one who has the 2 liter soda to bring
Refreshing everyone off as they pass it around after a long game of football
But after a round or two, everyone is always asking, “who drank it all?”
The one who brings the group together brings up things to discuss
Even though he shows up late after going to his house
It gets us to decides on what new things should be done, discussing it to the group
And suggestions were usually how our events turned out
The white man was always the one explain to us, and everything we questioned
It’s convenient when there’s a person who knows what different things are about
But it always comes to watching the brown one
Who often demonstrate some random and awkward dances
These topics just come out of nowhere, who even knows where it came from
Play fights, football, and even an extreme game of tag
These kinds of things made up most of our lives
Even though we all come home with parents who nag
But it’s worth it after a long day at school, since none of us could drive
We would walk anywhere throughout the neighborhood
Corner stores, Santiago’s, Uncle Sam’s, just to get our food
So then later on we can have halo 2 parties at Duonn’s house
Yepp, this was the time that we were all so into it
None of us wanted to die and have to sit out
And we all enjoyed killing each other many different death matches
As we gather around a normal sized TV
Staring into the screen on our comfortable coach or metal chairs
All peaking at each other’s screen, in order to see
And kill the other person across the map
This just brings back again the question that always comes to my mind
How everything can change in such a short amount of time
Whether we were the best of buddies at one point
And then enemies at another
Can this all even go back to the way it was?
Or are we to far from the past to even look at each other
The same way and hang out the same as we use to
But the past is too behind, and there are things we all don’t want to lose.

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