I Dont Care

April 27, 2009
By yariliz vega BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
yariliz vega BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Life is always passin by
but so many people go on
I sometimes wonder, why?
i see you,
but i never hear a sound
why do they look so down?
is it because they dont care?
are they having a bad day?
or are they just mad?
i dont know!

People fall,
People cry,
People also just have

Life is always passing by
i go on, by spending it,
waisting it,
hating it,
But that is because i have an attitude.
no one understands why
i dont care if they don't

But attitude has always been #1
it has always been me
Hard life, so that ecplains why

The teachers talk ***
i dont care
do my work and get out!

My job is a two-faced place
People always talk **
managers hate eachother
but they are all girls
go figure!

Love life is good
Mom is getting used to it
Gotta let her
I love my girlfriend
She is a big part of my life
Date is 11.05.07
always and forever

But my life isn't different
Everyone has problems
Some are worse
Just like the book
"You Don't Know Me"
You dont so dont judge me

No one really knows anyone
So just live you're life
and make the best of it that you can
you will never know when times up!


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