Opening My Mind

April 27, 2009
By Manny Reyes BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Manny Reyes BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I was born in Wash Heights and I was about to lose it,
That’s until I moved to Worcester, Massachusetts,
My birthname Manuel Abraham Reyes the second,
I got more careful since 9/11,
I’m sitting on the stairs and the minutes really pass,
As I’m thinking of some rhymes sitting flat on my a**,
But I got a lot of cushion so I’ll bounce right back,
To the top and I’m gonna get it just like that,
I’m not white or black I’m just tan,
To be specific I am just a dum-in-a-can,
I got 5 minutes that’s what my teacher said,
So I’ma hurry up with this graphite lead,
I use this lead to say what I said,
You could see my imagination because of my big head,
Explore my mind and you will find another place,
I’m expressing my ideas right out of my face,
The teacher assigned me to let out my heart,
And convert it into words and this paper is the part,
Of the work that I gotta hand in to the teacher,
They correct it overnight and my words might reach ya,
Yes they might reach ya call me the lyrical teacher,
‘cause life is like a movie you don’t know the special features,
life is like a movie God is the director,
and I’m the main character I think I need a lecture,
‘cause I’m writing too much literature I’ma respect her,
I’m writing like an animal, more like a cannibal, so you might as well call me Hannibal Lector,
And life is a b***h so you might as well respect her.

The author's comments:
hust something that i wrote in 10th grade describing me. Excuse the profanities.

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