Tried and True

April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I have this friend, she looks a lot like you;
Our friendship has been tried, but remained true.
She has been through some really hard times;
And sometimes her way of dealing, was within the blade of a knife.

Well, there has been something i've been wanting to say;
And i figured that this would be the best way.Next time you feel the need, to pick up the blade;
Please remember everything i'm saying.

I will be here for you, whenever you need;
I will help you through all your sorrow and grief.
So next times things get tough, dont take it out on yourself;
I will stand beside you, and help you through this hell.

So, i suppose thats all;
i said what i'd came to say.
I hope that you realize, i'll catch you when you fall;
And help you through through this pain and dismay.

And even when i'm gone, i'm only a phone call away;
So please pick up the phone, and dont pick up the blade.
i love you _________ and your you're tough as hell;
But sometime soon, you've got to learn to love yourself.

The author's comments:
my best friend gave me this because the first time my ex broke up with me, some bad things were happening and she gave me this one. I decided to put this one on here because this is the one that has helped me out the most.
I love her to death though.

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