Hate me if you wan to Love me if you can

April 28, 2009
By XDevilsXLatinoX PLATINUM, Hamilton, New Jersey
XDevilsXLatinoX PLATINUM, Hamilton, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
''How we survive is what wakes us who we are''

Im not no Gangsta

Im not no Wangsta

Im not no Emo

Im not no Goth

Im not no Prep

I dont listen to screamo

I will listen to you though

Im who I wanna be

I dress how I wanna dress

Theres no need for the stress

I act the way I act for a reason

I can be funny

I can be immature

I can be a goofball

I can aslo be a ***

I can act mean

I can turn into a train you cant stop

So dont cross that line

Dont press that button

I have friends

I have aquaintences

I have family

Blood and no blood

I dont have bestfriends

I dont have a girlfriend

I am loyal

I am trustful

I am respectful

I am a sweetheart

I am NOT like most guys

Thats for you to decide

Im not hot but im not ugly

Im not fat but im not skinny

I am here for anyone for anything 24/7

I am not a doormat

Accept me for who and what I am

If you cant sorry not my problem move on

Hate me if you want to...

Love me if you can.....

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