Hate me if you wan to Love me if you can

April 28, 2009
Im not no Gangsta

Im not no Wangsta

Im not no Emo

Im not no Goth

Im not no Prep

I dont listen to screamo

I will listen to you though

Im who I wanna be

I dress how I wanna dress

Theres no need for the stress

I act the way I act for a reason

I can be funny

I can be immature

I can be a goofball

I can aslo be a ***

I can act mean

I can turn into a train you cant stop

So dont cross that line

Dont press that button

I have friends

I have aquaintences

I have family

Blood and no blood

I dont have bestfriends

I dont have a girlfriend

I am loyal

I am trustful

I am respectful

I am a sweetheart

I am NOT like most guys

Thats for you to decide

Im not hot but im not ugly

Im not fat but im not skinny

I am here for anyone for anything 24/7

I am not a doormat

Accept me for who and what I am

If you cant sorry not my problem move on

Hate me if you want to...

Love me if you can.....

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