Bad Day?

May 1, 2009
By Lerae92 BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
Lerae92 BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
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So first off, i was sick
cold, the aches, runny nose, sick
but decided to go to school

It was also a bad hair day
but a bandana quickly covered that up
until the VP made me take it off

so far,
sick, school, bad hair day
but theres more

i spent all weekend coloring pictures for a group project
and what does the chick do but criticize it
she had to make sure i didn't "ruin it"

at lunch the cafeteria servers than got mad at me
i was getting food for my friends
there was no one behind me and i got bawled out

than something came
we'll just call it a "present"
just had to come on that day

another thing that happened that day was my friend
i don't want to be controlling of my friends
but i kind of felt i was... but yet i don't

She likes this guy
a guy that i just happened to grow up with
a guy that was my best friend for years

i didn't feel comfortable with them dating
i didn't want to lose either person as a friend
and i was scared

they promised me nothing would happen
that they were just friends, nothing more
and i believed them

but i found out
they went behind my back and went out
i found out from someone else, not even them

she's supposed to be my really really good friend
and its not that i was upset that she went out with him
i was just upset that it was behind my back and they tried to hide it from me

im sick of being the bad guy
me and him are almost no longer friends
it hurts

than the only person making me feel better
he decides he doesnt want to talk to me anymore
that he's sick of talking to me

it was just a bad day
one thing after another
too much to handle

im hoping tommorrow is better
that the sun will shine my way
hopefully the sun will come out.

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