I Don't Want to Know (I Want to Know)

April 29, 2009
I’ll pretend I’m sorry if you’ll pretend you forgive me. That way we can be pretend happy together, instead of alone. (If perfection isn’t possible, you go for the closest thing. You.)
Please don’t tell me it doesn’t matter, when I know it does. I know that when you look at me, you don’t see what you used to. Don’t tell me lies when I see truth… (Deception is sometimes the way to go)
You wish you could take away my pain and the past, but neither one can ever be undone. Those scars remain, no matter how many Mr. Clean Magic Erasers you buy. (99% off is a good deal)
Those tears that you try to hide ever since I told you, I see them. I am not blind to the pain you must endure. Is it my fault I hate lying? (It’s your fault you did it…)
I wrote a letter once. To remind myself that burning throats and cups of alcohol aren’t an excuse. Ever. I burnt that letter the next day. (You told me to)
The battery on my laptop is dying, but I can stay a little longer. If you promise to lie to me when all you want to do is tell me the truth. I don’t want to know. (I want to know)
I want to know. (I don’t want to know)

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