April 29, 2009
By Alexis McCullough BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Alexis McCullough BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I toss
and i turn
each time
i think of you

I cry and sigh
feel like i should die
you own every tear
that i have cried

This puddle of wetness
i have cried for you
jump in my puddle
you'll drowned too

See what you've done
look what you made me become
i've cried so many tears
its like i'm all done

All the pain you caused me
will never really go
i wake up each morning
and im out the door

I'll never understand
why it had to happen
i'm happier now
so its all that should matter

I go on with my life
being as happy as can be
only to make
you happy too

I can't turn back time
whats done is done
only to wish
you could have had more fun

But in the end
i didn't only cry for you
i cried for me
and other reasons too

But what i've cried
and sighed
and why i felt like i
should die from

Are part of my emotions
that can never change
and will never change
My emotions

The author's comments:
This is the first poem i wrote on my own, without having it due for school or anything.This poem was written in the time of my friends death. This poem is extremely important to me, it was also the poem that got me into writting MORE poetry and I want people to see how much she meant and how much she still means to me.

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