April 16, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m sick of snow
I’m sick of cold
I want the sun
I want the gold
I can’t deny
This winter’s bliss
But I’ve had my fun
I’ve moved on
I’m waiting now
For the spring to come!

But the air stays cold
My hands still shiver
I still sneeze
And I quiver
March is past
May is gone
April’s here
Am I wrong?

I yearn the sun
I yearn its kiss
I yearn the flowers
That bend in the wind
I yearn the shorts,
The beach, the laughs
I long it so so bad

I want to hear
The birds again
I want to see
The sun ahead
I want to smell
That floral scent
I want to feel
The warmth

But all I see
And all I hear
Are the cars
Are the tears
Winter lingers
On and on
I want to say

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