April 16, 2009
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An age of innocence has gone,
And left us with mere shadows of civility.
With reluctance and weighted sighs some do drone,
To say please and thank you simple formality.

Those some pronounce expletives with normal speaking,
Saying its culture and reformation.
Those mere shadows hide beneath themselves quaking,
For when they try to be polite they’re told they are an abomination.

An age of beauty has gone,
And has left us with only vanity and rage.
Faces in mirrors, painted lips and blood shot eyes parents have begun to not condone,
While leaving their children with breakable frames, wasted dreams and a definite age.

Young girls who used to work their best to become ladies’ of virtue,
Are now trying to show men who are the real competition.
Young boys who used to look up at their father’s for their stature,
Are now off to wage war with the very ones that brought them into the light without compensation.

An age of originality has gone astray,
No longer are artists taking to thinking outside the box.
Copycats and pirates all resound around and never sway,
While saying they portray individuality, stubborn as an ox.

Are our values.

Are our dreams
And all that is left are remnants and pieces.

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lexi10824 said...
Jul. 1, 2009 at 3:33 pm
I like it! :)
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