Act 1 Scene 2, When Love is Lost

April 16, 2009
By Naomi SILVER, Milo, Maine
Naomi SILVER, Milo, Maine
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Broken hearts
Shattered Dreams
Having to let go
But you cant

Why do I love you?
That's the question I always ask
Why cant I let go?
Its just another question

All these feelings inside
Waiting to explode
Like a volcanic eruption

My love is strong for you
But it needs to fade
Like the sunset in the sky
Or the stars shimmering in the darkness
Then gone when the sun rises

Why do people fall in love
Knowing you can always get hurt
The feeling is always there
It seems like an eternity

Trying to fix the hole in you heart
That he left there
But you cant fix it
No one can
Its there forever

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