So Far Apart

April 16, 2009
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Why are we so far apart?

I live in one state,

You in another

Plus you travel a lot too!

Will we ever meet each other?

Do you even know I exist?

Have you even gotten the mail I sent you?

Do your workers tell you about the e-mails I send to you on YouTube?

Do you think I’m weird?

Do you think I stalk you?

Do you even care?

I understand you’re busy because of the work you do,
But just know this:

I care about you and your wife

I pray almost every night for you, especially when you’re on the road!

You’re my hero,

My role model,

My father figure

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

I listen to your music every day,

I sometimes hope the radio plays just at least one song of yours

Sometimes they do,

Sometimes they don’t

I sometimes dream you’ll come pick me up and let me live with you,

But let’s be realistic here,

That will never happen!

It comforts me though when I’m upset

I know we come from different backgrounds,

We do have similar likes

We both love horses,

We both like Country music,

We both like the movie, Forest Gump

So, no matter what others think,

I’ll always love you like a father

And I mean that with all my heart,
Randy Travis!

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