Unplayable PLAY!

April 21, 2009
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Fear lurks between these walls, halls full of pain, it’s a game that cant be played.
Cause’ I have no more men, but the game wont shut offit just repeats itsself over again.
Telling me to put in 3 more credits for one more gun, but as far as tokens, I have none.
I am hollowed out, an empty piggy bank, I spent it or lent it to my soul, which I know I should not let borrow, even though I was promised pay back of it tomorrow.
Now I am an empty ATM, left with sorrow.
Filled, yet empty, I don’t steal yet tempted, because I just need the satisfaction, Im restless, breathless, here take it and carress this, bless this, and I’ll be ok.
Im cool now but why cant I just have 3 more credits, so I can play.
Faced with that machine feeling like its following me, but now Im so empty I cant even see, So I explain but no one cares, I just sound guilty.
O’well I’ll just unplug it, I’ll be rich and walk away filthy.

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Elonna M. said...
May 4, 2009 at 8:48 pm
hey I wrote this..!
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