Blank Stare

April 21, 2009
As I look into your eyes,
do you know what I see?
Only a blank stare
looking back at me.
I thought you were it.
I thought you were the one,
but as I look back,
I am completely stunned.
How was I so dunb
to think you were in love.
Now my heart is numb
and I've fallen from above.
Did you see me fall?
Did you even care?
Then you made me feel tall,
but now you only stare.
You say it won't work out.
It was never real from the start.
You saw all my doubts.
when you said " We just need to part ".
But when I turned to leave
the tears I thought I'd seen,
which I had really began to believe,
disappeared, leaving you looking mean.
Then, in the crash, it all happened too fast.
I knew I was close to death.
So I thought about nothing but our past,
and I took my last breath.
Do you miss me?
Do you even care?
Because I won't be home
to see your blank stare.

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emo.panda101 said...
Sept. 11, 2009 at 8:04 pm
omfg i love this it made me cry eep writing i love your work
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