My Savior

April 21, 2009
The forest, dark as night.
The sun sets, leaving behind it a midnight sky
The clouds draw closer
hiding the moon, darkening all

The air is cool on my skin,
colder than it has ever been
rain clouds grow darker
and rain drops begin to descend

The wind blows intensly,
whistling through the trees.
A voice calls my name
I can feel a pair of eyes on me

A shadow appears,
walking close behind
I feel my heart drop
I run and don't stop

He grabs my arm
and spins me around
a blow to the stomach
sends me to the ground

I try to escape without success
I try to scream but it's in vain
To hear him laugh makes me sick,
to him this is all a simple game

I'm ready to give up,
to let him have me.
My life will be over
and this makes him happy

"Get off her!!!" screams another voice
and he suddenly stops.
A bang in the head,
on my side he drops.

I scream to the top of my lungs
Pools of tears come out of my eyes.
My savior holds me tight,
I realize he is my world, my light.

He looks into my eyes,
presses his lips to mine.
All my horrors are gone
even space and time

My nightmare is over,
my savior is here
With him by my side
I have nothing to fear

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Magali said...
Dec. 17, 2009 at 6:10 pm
it seems like forever since I have submited that has progressed so much since then....i may post my edited version of this won first place in a writing contest at my school a few day ago ^_^
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