Just Another Moment in Beautiful Nebraska

April 21, 2009
By Fiction_Writer18 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
Fiction_Writer18 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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An ice-cold winter morning greets the Cornhuskers.
Teenagers comes stumbling out of bed
Groggily clothing themselves for the ever long feeling day ahead
And having to devour heated lunch food for breakfast
Bundling up in a heavy coat along with a pair of gloves
And a crocheted scarf complete with matching hat.
Exiting home towards a long day of educated learning, they go.
It’s just another moment in beautiful Nebraska.

Mid-morning comes, and a spring rain falls.
It becomes very muddy outside; forcing teenagers wear unfashionable goulashes and raincoats.
Still, spring is considered a remarkable season.
The dirty snow will slowly disappear, revealing the dead Earth
And yet, somehow, flowers will bloom and our barren ground shall become lush once again.
Life is thought to have been reborn.
It’s just another moment in beautiful Nebraska.

Breaking in is a summer afternoon
Blazing hot as it starts to torch all plant life with aggression.
Tons of teenagers want to go swimming, tanning, or have water gun fights.
Just that morning, they were all dressed head to toe in winter apparel.
Now it’s young women in swimsuits and young men running around without shirts.
Pretend sunburns attack those who ignore risk.
It’s just another moment in beautiful Nebraska.

Green leaves change colors as the evening autumn rolls in.
The teenagers dress in light jackets and jeans now.
Playing in the few leaves we have instead of raking them, it brings the inner child in all back.
You get to carve pumpkins and consume turkey in warm, candlelit homes.
Delicious smells surround households, making guests not want to leave.
Yes, indeed, it’s just another moment in beautiful Nebraska.

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