Chipping at the Marble

April 21, 2009
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Encased in stone a girl lies within
Chipping at the marble that surrounds her
Slowly defining what she will become
Endlessly altering her shell
To fit the shape of her heart

Sheathed in granite she turns inside
Peering into the depths of her soul
A metamorphosis of body and spirit
Whittling away at her confinement of rock
Until beauty emerges, a statue unique

Her prison of stone oppresses her
Tries to mold her to its will
But even marble will be no match
For her inner strength radiates around her
Crumbling the rock, collapsing the stone

Rock turns to flesh and stone to bone
She has broken free from her granite cell
Stretching her legs, she begins to run
The transformation is complete,
All for chipping at the marble.

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