Secret Place

April 21, 2009
By Katrel Perez BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Katrel Perez BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I Thought My Feelings For You Had Vanished
But They've Come Back To Haunt Me Just Like A Ghost

Although We Only Spoke For A Couple Of Weeks
Those Were Still The Weeks I Smiled The Most

Yeah, I Know You Were Never Really Into Me
Your Feelings Revolved Around Her

The Prettier One, The Friendlier One
The One Any Normal Boy Would Prefer

& Yet It Still Stunned Me
When You Chose Her Over Me

For A Second The World Just Went Blank & I Couldn't See A Thing
Because My Eyes Were Filled With Tears,

My Pillow Was Soaking Wet, My Smile Had Faded Away,
And I Simply Cried All Day On My Bed

My Body Was Shaking With My Sobs
& My Voice Seemed To Disappear

The Only Thing That Would Have Been Able To Make Me Stop
Would Be Hearing Your Sweet Words In My Ear

For A While I Told Myself It Was All A Dream
Or That Maybe You'd Change Your Mind

Or Maybe You Were Just Kidding
Maybe You Needed Some Time

But My Heart Knew I Was Fooling Myself
I Was Waiting For Someone That Would Never Show Up

Waiting & Waiting & Waiting
Until Eventually I'd Give Up

It's Been Months Since You've Broken My Heart
& Yet I Find That I'm Still Here Waiting

A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Saw A Picture Of This Gorgeous Girl
It Turns Out Thats The New Girl Your Dating

They Say Things Get Better Over Time
I Find That Its Becoming Worse

Because Seeing You Everyday In The Hallway
Its Really All Just A Curse

What Have I Done To Anyone?
Must I Really Endure All This Pain?

All I Want Is To Be In Your Arms
Even If Only For A Day

I'd Risk It All To Have You
You Don't Even Understand

That Girl You Were Speaking To Over The Summer
That Girl Never Really Came Back

Her Smile Isn't Even Real Anymore
Its Just An Illusion For All Her Friends

On The Inside She's Still Crying Her Eyes Out

Because Her Smile Is Simply Pretend

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