Good Change

April 21, 2009
By Anonymous

My life right now is like a deja vu scene
Like a circled wood I keep following even though I know I'm never gonna see anything but it
Like a never ending staircase leading me up to my death
Every night, I get a call from my dad, because he always has to tell me he loves me
Every day, I eat the same foods
Every afternoon, I listen to the same songs on my iPod over and over again
Every lunch, me, Kacie, and Addie discuss the same things we did the day before
Every day, I curiously stare at Logan and watch him stare back, wondering if he is thinking the same as me
Every night, I wish to go and sit in the field behind the alley across the street, knowing I can't because of the same weather we get every day, while I'm praying for a warm summer
These events are making time fly,
I've grown into habit,
I'm not very strong with dfferences,
So even though I hate the way things have been lately, going the same direction and all,
I love it because the luck that follows me,
Tells me to be patient because
When change does come,
I will grow into habit of that custom
I will happily grow into habit of that custom

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