April 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Speak to me
Speak truly to my ear
Let me feel your coldest fear

I looked into your eye
Either from both sides
Got lost in their depth
The secret you've kept
I realized straight from the heart
How your world started to fall apart
How your heart hardly beats
How your breath is incomplete

Blue sky is slowly turning black
If you see my soul please get back
Rain begins non-stop falling
On my long dark hair I'm waiting
For you to cry to me
Cry loudly through the night
On my little shoulder
Please cry!

Thunder screams on the sky
Darkness swallows the lights
From your love,
you try to hide

She came like a wind
So fast you couldn't think
The sickness
Has killed everything

Deep in her eyes
There's nothing to find
True love
You've kept in mind
You've kept in mind

Loneliness creates pain
Coming out from the dead throat
Dancing toward the dry lips
You lie
To her,
to me.

Love becomes a ghost
The hidden demon was found
Crawling on your back
You are inescapable

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