Why her

April 21, 2009
By Sole_Fire BRONZE, Versailles, Indiana
Sole_Fire BRONZE, Versailles, Indiana
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Looking back at days of sorrow
Praying for that better tomorrow

Carefully I lay down in the grass
For now my heart is just shattered glass

I stair at the sky and wander why
Why, why did she have to die

As a cloud floats on by the setting sun
All my wanders, now they are done

She died for me, is what she said
She lived for me, and now she is dead

I loved her with all my heart
From this world she had to part

I sit by her grave every day
There you'll find me, there I’ll stay

I lay there and cry tears of pain
Her sacrifice shall not be in vain

For these men who had killed her late that night
Who stole my love, who stole my light

There crime shall not be over looked
For my world that they have took

Still I scream to the heavens why
Why her not me, who had to die

The author's comments:
This is a saddes thing I could think of, losing one's true love to a killer

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