April 21, 2009
By Mikey SILVER, Rochester, Michigan
Mikey SILVER, Rochester, Michigan
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Across the street nothing is what it seems,
There's remnants of what once was trust.
Now it's nothing but rusted lust,
And no one is worried of what their actions cost.
But I am now aware of the consequences,
For everything I used to have is gone.
My baby has left with another star,
Who shines much brighter that i ever could.
I know that she has gone for good.
I would steal the halo from a spirits crown,
If it could bring you back to me.
And often wonder if you realize your smile,
Must have been from God above,
For it was so full of love.
But without you I will sit here,
On the dark broken side of the road.
Awaiting someone to carry me,
Back towards the light.

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