April 21, 2009
By MichelleLee SILVER, Rockford, Illinois
MichelleLee SILVER, Rockford, Illinois
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You say that you miss me
You say that you want me
You say that you love me
And you don’t want to lose me

You make so much sense
when you say you don’t want to go back out.
You don’t want to ruin us.
But that’s just not enough.

You love that you have me
right there next to you.
I’m like your spare key.
Oh, if only you knew.

I sit there in your pocket
safe, sound, and secure.
Waiting to be used
when no one is there.

When your completely alone
or your scared and afraid
you’ll get me out to comfort you.
To you that’s why I was made.

I’m there when you need me.
When you have no one there.
I’m there when your confidence is stolen
and it needs a repair.

But when your surrounded by people
who think your so great.
When your self-esteem is soaring
I’m no longer your soul mate.

You no longer see me.
Even if I’m standing right there.
You no longer need me.
And you no longer care.

I get pushed back in your pocket.
And you forget that I’m there.
You have other people
to whom I just don’t compare.

Now you can’t hear me
as I scream and I shout.
I don’t care if you see me.
I just want to get out.

And when I’m standing alone
by myself or in a crowd.
Silently screaming for your rescue.
But you don’t listen
and I’m just not that loud.

Your never there when I need you.
Your too busy with people
who know you so well.
And you don’t care to see me
unless your going through hell.

I understand that your using
all the time you still hold
and spending it with those
who have things to unfold.

You know me the best
There’s no mystery there.
I’m no longer interesting.
I have nothing left to share.

I know that your leaving.
And you’ve said it before.
That you love me so much
Yet I’m the one you ignore?

I just don’t understand it
and I’m sure you don’t see
so I’m sure you cant explain it
because you’d only disagree.

But I’m so sick of the sometimes.
The words and the lies.
So sick of your actions
based on how many eyes.

Whether you see me or not
I no longer care
I just want you to leave
I have no preference where.

Just go someplace else.
And please let me be.
I just want to get out
of the grasp you still hold on me.

I no longer want to wait
for you to save my day.
Even if you cared
your too late either way.

So I’m moving on
and I’m sure you will too.
So here’s my good-bye
I know its long overdue.

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