April 21, 2009
By cutter48200 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
cutter48200 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I used to think I was alone,
And I was always on my own,
I only relied on science and knowledge,
And the advancement of singular men.

Then in a flash I lost everything
And everyone I ever knew
And I dropped down to my knees
And cried out “Tell me what to do!”

At first I got no answer
and cursed God and his disciples
I stood up to walk away
But something was in my way

I looked up to see a man
Standing in front of me with shining eyes
He pushed something into my hands
Which gleamed with an aura of the wise

Before I could say a word
He turned and walked away
I looked at the thing in my hands
And couldn’t think of what to say

He didn’t give me a bible
Or anything of the sort
It was a cross made of wood
And it was stronger than a fort

I realized then what to belive
And have since that day
I was given a revelation
I will never forget that day in May

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