April 21, 2009
By Rianne Wright BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
Rianne Wright BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
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Last night the stars came down from the sky
And danced with me by the light of the moon
And my bedroom shone with such dazzling brilliance
Of the twinkling, sparkling stars

“Come with us!” they cried. But I refused
“Join us in the sky…” they whispered, but I did not hear
“Make your home in the heavens!” the shriek went out.
But I would not give in
“My home is here.” I protested
But they laughed as they danced, and they danced so gracefully
Around and around, in the beautiful light.
Until I could not tell if my feet were my own, still planted on the ground
Dancing, dancing…
And then I was flying up towards the sky…

This morning my mother came to wake me
And found me dancing, alone, in the center of my room

“Come and get ready for school!” she chided, but I refused.
“You’re going to miss the bus!” she scolded, but I did not hear
“Come here this instant!” she yelled
But I would not give in
“My home is not here.” I said twirling
She stopped me midspin with an iron grip
But as she looked into my clouded eyes, shining with starlight,
She realized I was not there.

I was off, dancing with the stars in the heavens…

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