April 21, 2009
“Time for bed”, my mother says,
I am not ready yet.
I check the closet but see just my toys.
I pick up my bat just incase.
Next, my bed that I sneak then attack,
just an old shoe and some legos.
Without hesitation I run to the window,
shutting and locking it tight.
The trap is all set and I wait and wait.
The will come to scare me, eat me.
I am shaking in fear.

As I close my eyes I dream and it terrifies,
green monsters with one eye jump around.
Six Arm polka dot monsters run at me fast.
The bright orange beast is roaring so loud.
I wake in a flash breathing real hard,
to see the sun peeking through the trees.
I jump up and open the window,
put my bat in the closet.
I walk away, and as I do I say, “I’ll get you next time”.

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