April 21, 2009
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Take your political analyzations and
Shove them
Take your union organizations and
Corrupt them
Take your upper management position
You certainly won’t need it
Take your violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie
You’re never going to beat it
Remember your nationalism?
They stole it away
Remember Freedom of speech?
What about for black man? Muslim? Gay?
Your media coverage is pathetic –
Refurbish the economy? Forget it.
Go get your war face painted
You still wonder how you’ll feed grandma
when she gets old?
They don’t care, hand over your co pay
before her cat food gets cold

Now, close your eyes
Wish all the idiocy away
But your brothers, fathers, sisters
they’re overseas – to stay
So send them a letter
8x11 about how you forgot why they’re gone
While all your neighbors tell you
The reasons were all wrong

Mission accomplished, unemployment, Right to life,
Recession, bulls and bears

No one remembers, no one can, no one will,
No one cares.

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OliviaRosaline said...
Oct. 20, 2013 at 3:38 am
So true! It's really sad too many people have been blinded not to see it.
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