April 21, 2009
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My arms were bruised after working all night. I wouldn’t make the team if I didn’t put up a fight.
I tried my hardest to bump the ball over. I succeeded and stayed till’ the worst was all over.
Volleyball is my sport; I will play to the end. It matters how well I play and how I defend.
It means so much to me to be on the team, it’s as if its all but a wonderful dream.
I’m so happy I made it, I feel very proud. I’m so happy I made it, I could scream out loud.
It’s funny to say how this could mean so much. But it’s my dream and I love it, its as if I’ve been touched.
Through the games, I will try even harder, and the bruises on my arms will get even larger. But I love it!

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volleyball said...
Oct. 7, 2010 at 4:28 pm
i love this poem !! hope you dont mind if i use it !! :)
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