April 20, 2009
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'Buela please come back! I could never find someone who's just like you. You're my caring mother, my best friend, my sister, my homie, my Miss Daisy. Every once in a while I cry. I know big girls don't cry, but without you, a grandmother, my understanding ears, this crazy crying case, is lost. 'Buela please come back! I know dad and Sue didn't treat you how a person of full maturity should be treated, but i need you here with me. i need your advise, i can't take being the only sane person in that house. All my life you've told me not to run; from my fears, we challened them together, my frustrations, we laughed about. 'Buela please come back! I can't do this alone, you always helped clean my split milk, I was sobbing over, and you're the crying clown in my Ben & Jerry's cup. You'd laugh at that one, you'd make sure I was feeling tip-top, before you were. i'm not ready to do this on my own, i need you, i need your voice, your guidence, your warmth. I love you, 'Buela please come back.

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