The End

April 20, 2009
By BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Lo and behold
This city of gold
As passions grow old
So do we
Synonymous with fire
Describes our desires
As lovers made liars
While the blissfully dumb
And mindlessly numb
Escape what’s to come
When you see
Through the fire and ice
All your brawns won’t suffice
And your brains can’t entice
What’s to be
The naïve won’t pronounce
All the scholars denounce
That this final one counts
They deceive
All the world runs around
To escape the countdown
And they all scream a sound
Except me
For my sound is a clap
That starts slow and ends fast
For the work of the cast
In this scene
See, I’ve expected the end
Since the beginning began
And accepted the plan
That’s to be
While the world plays naïve
Like they couldn’t conceive
That they’d ever be thieved
Of a plea
If the big man exists
I’d imagine he’s pissed
Though we cease and desist
To believe
So when the earthquakes are rumbling
And the buildings are crumbling
And your mind’s just a-tumbling
You’ll heed to the call
For we really did fall
And we have lost it all
To the sea

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