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April 20, 2009
By Erin Wainwright BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Erin Wainwright BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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A million times you have proved me wrong,
your like a sweet, complicated love song.
My heart has been stolen by you,
though I know I gave it too.
My love is yours now and forever,
we gotta keep it together,
I dont wanna lose you never ever,
your heart is like my golden treasure.
We can't let our downs tear us apart,
I feel it deep down inside my heart.
I know if we try,
we will survive.
If we love even if it hurts,
I know we will get through it,
it wont get worse.
You complete me, but theres one thing I most miss,
All the times you hold me, while we kiss,
my heart floats on a bliss.
Your my want and all of my needs,
just like poetry
without your love I simply cannot breathe.
Theres no room for if, buts or maybes,
I will always stay down and ride for you baby.

The author's comments:
what i can only express through writting.

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