Parents: Shut Up!

April 20, 2009
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“Put your clothes away!”
Mom yells.
“I don’t like to find,
Little “Presents” every day!”

“Catherine,” Dad says.
“Studying math for only an hour
Isn’t okay.
You need to do more
To change that B into an A!”

Hold on a minute! Hold on!
I want to say.
I need you to shut up and listen

School, sports
Bus Rides, friends
Enemies, Teachers
And everything else
I only have a speck
Of unstructured,
Free time in my day!

So don’t have a spaz attack
If I forget to make my bed!
If you had the daily burden I do,
I swear,
You’d be

So shut up and listen,
To what I have to say.
I know that you’re thinking,
“I’ve got more to do.”
But I guess you’ve forgotten
That I have puberty too!
You said before,
“I used to be a teenager too.”
But are you sure?
I’m beginning to doubt you!

So shut up,
Shut up,

Today, I just want you
To please,
Go away!

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Anabela said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 6:18 am
I can so relate to what you are saying in this poem. I liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing it with me
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