The Land Divided

April 20, 2009
When I see the world
Flying by in a stream of nothing
Petty insults being thrown
I see the path it’s taking
Toward anarchy and revolution
Sides are taken
Flags are flown
The battle lines are being drawn
With neighbors and friends
Their guns to their heads
Families are split
Ideas are separate
Entire towns divided
By a man with little power
Overreactions set the stage
The people are scared
Scared of each other
And now it comes
The Constitution ripped to shreds
All that matters is revolution
Our united flag lay silent
Soiled with dirt and the blood of its people
Boots march up to Washington
Trampling its past remains
From that forms our warzone
There are many now
Flags flown high to define the lives
The lives of every bloody soldier
With every child soldiering
Animal instincts taking over
He looks down at his people grinning
Imagining his ‘change’
Fool that he is
Just a fool ruling fools
The people stare back
Their pride overflowing
Either for or against him
They wave their new flags
The revolution will be coming
But only if I don’t stand up
So here I am
Facing the people
My fellow Americans
Beasts that they are
Who wait for the war
With guns in their hands
I plead that they listen
But they call me a traitor
Turning to silence me
And all that I am
And yet, and yet
I stand up

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Confusedom_Chik said...
May 13, 2009 at 10:54 pm
Thank you for your comment. I made it sound dramatic on purpose I guess. Even though we're no where near that point, there is a chance. Other countries have had revolutions before due to people taking sides, especially if they feel passionate about it. And even though things have quieted down some, when Obama was elected, passion was definately there. Both sides, conservative and liberal, felt strongly about him, though in different ways. Looking at it now, it all seems like nothing huge will... (more »)
Naydkonoko said...
May 12, 2009 at 10:42 pm
I believe it makes an obvious point, I am agree that our country is beginning to take sides, though not so drastically. Your poem makes light on political views that make it sound almost like something similar to a past war. Thank your for your opinion though. Very nicely done from a neutral stand.
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