April 16, 2009
By Jaylah Mercado BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Jaylah Mercado BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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I feel as though life is passing by
We are trying to ignore the fact that we’re getting older
And plenty of things have changed
A young girl is at first close to her father
Later learns new things
Like cliques, pressure, and boys
As this young girl enters life
Obstacles have been made
Space between her and her parents
Learn to control herself
Between people and her,
The tensions build
Wanting to leave and join friends
This is what happens when you grow up
Into life not as your old self
But into a new person
Who knows whether good or bad?
Explaining to people you’re something your not
I don’t know anymore,
Wish there was a pause button
For you to look back
Not at memories, but on how you changed
So stay yourself rather than the usual

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